Sold per pack, 4 wraps per pack. Without question, Hemp wraps are storming the market like a wildfire! With this in mind, Royal Blunts made it clear with their premium line of Hemparillos that they’re in tune with cultural vibes and the changing of times! Indeed, their new Rillo naked blunt wraps are packed with Organic flavors that’ll leave your tasted buds dazed and confused! That’s right; Royal Blunts Hemparillos are All-Natural, Tobacco-Free, 100% Organic Blunt Wraps made from Pure Hemp! Not to mention, these bad boys are Vegan-Approved.

“ADD ONS” are now being offered at FAT BUDDHA 😊 you may purchase any of the add on items to your orders for the above price, now making FAT BUDDHA your one stop shop for “ALL THINGS CANNABIS”. ***If your purchase is less than $100 you may add a $1.00 ADD ON ITEM, FREE OF CHARGE 😊 Subsequently, over $100 is a $2.00 add on, over $200 is a $5.00 add on, and over $300 is a $10.00 value worth of add ons, FREE OF CHARGE.*** You may always purchase any add ons with you order, but we just want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate your business, plus now you can get what you actually want, instead of the random presents we used to send 😊


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