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Each box contains Approx. a dozen cones with metal base.  Please see below for available scents.

Incense cones or cones, are small pyramids of scented granulate or powder. They do not contain wood as a burning agent, as opposed to wiokokstokjes. Therefore they are ideal if you want to produce less smoke. For example, because you burn in a small room or just don’t like smoke.

You can burn incense cones on a saucer or a special cone burner. This is a round disk or dish that is fireproof and catches the ashes. Cone burners have a recess, so that the cone stays upright.

Lighting a cone is not that difficult. You put it upright with the point up and light it there. Use a quiet flame, because the cone burns quite quickly.
Incense cones are available in all kinds of delicious fragrances. Each type has its own symbolic meaning and effect. A good incense fits your intention!  Please see below for available scents and common usage benefits;

Strawberry: A sweet berry fragrance that is both tart and sweet like the fruit, makes you feel as if you were strolling thru a field of fresh strawberries.

Opium: Enhancement of dreams and sleep, lucid dreaming.

Green Apple: Green apple scent has been shown to help sooth migraines and ease head and neck muscle spasms.

Night Queen: – Great for relaxing and sleeping.

Musk: Musk brings more balance.

Vanilla: Vanilla is associated with intelligence and mental capacity.

Rose: Rose scent traditionally stands for passion, love, sex and desire.

Lavender: Lavender promotes relaxation and harmony.

Amber: Symbolizes knowledge and history. It is good to use in meditation sessions to gain information or insight.

Lotus: Creates more brightness. Helps to focus.

Sandalwood: This species helps to clean the environment.  It is often used in cleaning rituals. Supports meditation sessions and spiritual growth.

Patchouli: – It is often used in cleaning rituals. Supports meditation sessions and spiritual growth.

Coconut: – helps you get rid of stress. It’s a great relaxant and soothes your mind. It helps treat anxiety and also helps give you peace of mind.

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