• $220.00 1 oz (28g)
  • $120.00 1/2 oz (14g)
  • $70.00 1/4 oz (7g)
  • $40.00 1/8 oz (3.5g)
THC 29.3% CBD 1.0%


LARRY BIRD KUSH –  Larry Bird Kush is a hybrid strain that was named after the famous Boston Celtics basketball coach, Larry Bird. This dank bud is a potent cross between the insanely popular and pungent Blue Cheese X Hindu Kush X 213 Haze strains, and offers the user a THC level ranging from 14-18% on average. Users describe the Larry Bird Kush high as an intense cerebral experience that is felt almost instantly like a shot to the head. This overwhelming sense of euphoria and creative energy can be overwhelming to some, but will leave you motivated and active as well as social and upbeat. Due to the potent sativa effects of Larry Bird Kush, this strain is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as mild to severe depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Due to its almost overwhelming sativa effects, Boston Larry is not ideal for treating patients suffering from anxiety disorders. This strain has an aroma of minty pine and a taste of minty lemony pine with a sweet exhale. The Larry Bird Kush buds have dark forest green medium-sized popcorn shaped nugs with olive green leaves and undertones. These nugs are specked with long thin dark and light brown hairs, a thick layer of trichomes, and sweet syrupy resin.

RAZ-DO-SI-DO – Raspberry Do Si Do, or Raz Do Si Do, is an indica dominant hybrid, described by users as uplifting and euphoric, relaxing you into a kush body and head high, that can easily carry you off to sleep.

A variety of aromas come forward, reminiscent of elements from the lineage – like an OG Kush scent, featuring spice, earth, diesel, and citrus. These aromas come through as flavors too, with a taste of sweet berry or grape that is most prominent.

If richness in color is any indication of potency, these buds exhibit this in dark purple buds, with bright, green leaves and small sprouts of orange pistils. A yellowish trichome layer gives the buds a golden hue.

No surprise given this strain’s citrusy aroma and flavor, Limonene ranks toward the top of the terpene profile, with Caryophyllene and Myrcene also vying for a top three position.


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